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Ferrics Technology Co., Ltd specializes in researching and manufacturing special material for magnetic element. Our company is located in Haining Zhejiang Province the largest soft ferrite magnetic material production base in China. 
Ferrics cores and relatively based electronic components are our main products. We have more than 10 series, 500 types of soft ferrite cores and more than 1000 type of transformers We have been always trying to make our product quality meet the top level of the world.

EI Core|EE Core|ER Core|ED Core|EFD Core|UU Core|EPC Core|PQ Core|RM Core|EOP Core|P&C Core|T Core|ET&FT Core
RH Core|T Core|BB Core|DRnW Core|DnH
Low Cost Rod Choke AK Series | Comon Mode Choke Coil T | Line Filter AS | Wound Choke AM | Radial Inductor DR | Radial Inductor SCH&SCR