Company Philosophy

1. Quality is the most important standard.

2. Integrity as the root of enterprise self-sufficiency.

3. Service is the aim that every staff follows.

4. Our spirit is to be aggressive and keep moving forward.

5. Win-win cooperation is our goal. 

Ferrics corporate culture consists of three levels

First and foremost, Ferrics has a power and LED lighting research and development laboratory, with sophisticated instruments and professional engineers. We realized the independent research and development, the production of finished products. According to the inspection standard, inspect the finished product.

Besides, Ferrics has a complete institutional culture. We have integrated regulations and leadership mechanisms. In addition, we have a harmonious and friendly interpersonal relationship and a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere.

Last but not least, Ferrics has a comprehensive spiritual culture, with excellent staff quality and basically no late arrival or early departure. The welfare of Ferrics is attractive. It will organize group construction regularly. 

  • 2019 Sabah Trip

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