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Radar Wave Sensor Solution is on the Line Strongly
2020-04-09 14:36:39

            Source: Ferrics Technology Co., Limited             

With the rapid development of LED technology, LED lighting has gradually become a new type of green lighting. LED is far superior to traditional lighting in terms of luminous principle, energy saving and environmental protection. LED lighting adopt the existing interface method, namely screw and socket way, and even imitate the shape of traditional lighting in order to meet the usage habit of people.

Radar wave sensor solution is a new type of energy-saving lighting to replace the traditional lighting. Based on the principle of Doppler Effect, it detects the surrounding electromagnetic environment intelligently, and automatically adjusts the working state, so as to achieve the effect of intelligent power saving. The way it works is that when the lighting is connected, if there is human activity, the lighting will continue to be connected until the person leaves and delays the time.

That is, people come to light, while people go after, the lighting automatic extinction.

Radar wave sensor solution is generally used in energy-saving public places, such as residential corridor, toilet, basement, garage, warehouse, monitoring and other environments, usually using mobile induction principle. When someone or a car is active in the induction area, the switch will be triggered to light up the function.

Advantages of Radar wave sensor solution:

1: Long lifespan;

2. Energy saving, environmental protection and low energy consumption;

3. Strong adaptability to the environment;

4: Reliable and durable, more stable performance, low maintenance cost;

5: Radar microwave induction; longer induction distance, wider Angle, no dead zone; not affected by the environment, temperature, dust, etc.

Ferrics is committed to research and development. Nowadays, we have launched new products in time and independently developed Radar wave sensor solution, which conforms to the development trend of LED and expands the business scope. We devote ourselves to providing our clients with intelligent lighting solutions. Welcome to consult. Waiting for your visit, we will serve you heart and soul.    




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