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The Wi-Fi Bulb Solution is Born——the Crystallization of Ferrics and Tuya
2020-04-09 14:56:43

                                                  Source: Ferrics Technology Co., Limited

Early smart products had some automated capabilities, however, these products unable to connect to other devices and had relatively limited capabilities. With the popularization of the Internet and the acceleration of Wi-Fi, the original smart home gradually became a reality. While the Internet is transformed into the Internet of things, third-party intelligent platforms such as Tuya are used to promote the development of the industry. The degree of product intelligence is getting higher and higher, and the interconnection between devices is realized.

Ferrics is committed to designing better and smarter products, providing clients with a full range of smart home solutions. Nowadays, Ferrics and Tuya cooperated strongly to launch Wi-Fi bulb solution, a smart lighting product, which is in line with the company's concept of transformation and upgrading, improves its technical capacity. What is more, it complies with the development trend of LED market, and promotes the rapid development of the industry.

The installation of Wi-Fi bulb solution is not complicated because of the use of standard screw base. As a result, the installation method is as convenient as ordinary bulbs. Similarly, it is easy to operate, using Tuya App, find the device through Wi-Fi to match, and follow the instructions to action.

The features of Wi-Fi bulb solution:

1. One-key smart scene, gathering multiple smart modes, such as music, sleep, leisure and other modes;

2. Timing at any time, with automatic wake-up, extinction and other functions;

3. Freely adjust the light color and brightness according to the demand and environment;

4. Tuya App supports Android and iOS systems, with simple interface, one-button switch;

5. One-key management, controlling multiple smart lighting at the same time;

6. Remote control distance, no radiation, no flow;

7. High quality material accessories, long lifespan.


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